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Clean Environment Technologies (CET)

CET is specially founded to deal with the environment waste issues in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. CET has agreement with international companies and industries with unique potential in Environmental Consultancy, Pollution Control Systems, Land Remediation, Air/ Water Pollution Treatment, Solid Municipal/Hazardous Waste (Treatment, Recovery, and Recycling), Multi Environmental Products, services, supervision, and expertise. Clean Environment Technologies (CET) is a reputed environmental consulting company established in 2005, employing teams of experts with supreme levels of experience and a deep understanding of the scientific, regulatory and economic aspects of environmental issues. Focused on the delivery of solutions to meet a growing number of environmental challenges, CET helps clients to achieve their environmental objectives and be compliant with applicable regulatory limits. Whether you are building a new plant, expanding operations, changing a process, or demolishing a facility, you will receive practical permitting and testing solutions that balance regulatory requirements with your operational and business needs.